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There are three commonly missed website mistakes that can have a BIG TIME influence on your SEO. Do you know what they are? Dive into today’s blog post to learn what they are, how to quickly and easily audit for them and get them fixed to boost your rankings.

The first frequently missed website mistake that can hurt your SEO is…


You can use a website like Page Speed to gain insight into how quickly your website is loading and what factors are hurting it the most. Bonus: this website also give loads of other helps insights into SEO and accessibility.

Two of the biggest factors that hurt your page’s website are images and videos. Make sure you compress/optimize them prior to loading them onto your site. Two free websites for doing so are and Free convert is also great if you need to convert a file, say from HEIC (looking at your, Iphone photos) to a jpg or png.


Search engines (and website users) HATE broken links. Nobody likes to receive a sad 404 message. You should audit your site at least 1x/month for broken links. You can use a website like to run the audit for you. If you’ve recently changed the name of a page or delete it – then it’s likely you’ll get some flagged broken links. You can setup redirecting within your website design platform. If you have showit (which I love and use and recommend to all my clients) you can find instructions on how to do so here.

And lastly, SITEMAPS.

If you’re thinking, “Wait, what? Sitemaps? What are those?” Don’t panic. You’re not alone. Sitemaps are basically a list of all the pages on your website. You want to make sure that major search engines (like Google) have your sitemap. You can easily get a copy of your sitemap by going to Once you’ve gotten it, you’ll want to go into your google search console and put it in there along the left hand side. That’s it!

These three frequently missed website mistakes are relatively quick and easy to audit for and get fixed to help boost your SEO.

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Written by Carrie Bondioli, CEO of Bloem Creations, Web Designer & CopyWriter

Bloem Creations is a web design + copywriting studio based in Eugene, OR and specializes in serving creative small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

March 15, 2024

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Three Frequently Missed Website Mistakes that Hurt Your SEO

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