Your Ultimate Hype Girl

Oh hey, it's me...

Regardless of whether you've tapped into your human design or not, I'm here to be your ultimate hype girl. To infuse fresh energy into you website and brand and remind you of how freakin' amazing you are at what you do. (And I'll make sure that when someone lands on your website, they know it too). 

I love every step of the process. From collaborating on a mood board, to finding the perfect font pairing; tweaking a color palette so it pops *just* right, and down to that magic moment just before hitting publish on your site for the first time. 

I'm into making websites that feel as inviting as rewatching episodes of The Office (preferably when Jim and Pam are falling in love and Michael is still around) while something sweet bakes in the oven and you're cozied on the couch in sweats sippin' cocoa. (Sounds pretty damn nice, right?)

Your website is your corner of the internet. My job is to make sure it attracts your dream clients and customers... and gets them to stick around for a while.

As a 3/5 Generator...when I'm lit up by something, everyone knows it...and they can't help but get excited too.

"Carrie poured her heart and soul into our new website and it shows! She was extremely dedicated to the process, hardworking, and organized. She has amazing attention to detail, a keen eye for design and her collaborative spirit made the whole process thoroughly enjoyable! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a new and improved website, you absolutely won’t regret it!" 

What My Clients Are Saying

-Sara, Wild Child Flower Co. 

My name is Carrie.

I'm a multi-passioned Mama of two, who accidentally fell in love with web design. (Seriously, I had no intention of starting my own biz with a six month old and preschooler...and yet, I did and I love it). 

I believe that fresh cut flowers on the counter > a clean kitchen floor. I have a small (read: not small) addiction to handmade, ceramic coffee mugs, and I always save room for dessert. 

Hey there.

Some things you should know about me. 

After my second son was born, I wanted the freedom to work from home. In the midst of some soul searching and late night scrolling, two things happened: I discovered the Showit platform, and I had a major *aha* moment.

I realized web design allowed me to WFH and fulfilled my craving for creativity (even while holding my baby that refused to nap anywhere but my arms). From there - Bloem Creations was born. 

I dove right in, designing as much as possible - and found my soul was lit on fire. I love collaborating with fellow creative, small business owners. I love the ones bursting with a thousand ideas for their biz and are ready to bet on themselves and what comes next. I'm here to deep dive into why you do what you do, who you do it for, and translate it into a website that attracts the type of clients you've been dreaming of working with. 

There have always been two constants calling me to the work I have done, or convincing me to leave it:

a desire for creative freedom and my passion for helping others.

As a part-time freelance floral designer,  I took on some additional roles at the studio helping with the website and quickly realized two things:

1. I loved the design part of it.
2. I hated working with clunky and unimaginative website templates. (Sound familiar, anyone?)

Little did I know - the first seed was planted for what would later become a career pivot.


How this flower-loving speech therapist became a web designer

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So here's the deal. I LOVE seeing small businesses succeed. Whether you want to get more people to sign-up, subscribe, book, or buy, I want to help you achieve your goal. Here's how we'll do it:

Tell your story: I'll do some digging to uncover your unique brand voice and personality to share you story with those who have been waiting to hear it. It's time to start captivating hearts and connecting with dream clients from the very first click.

Showcase your talent: No matter your medium, your website is going to show it off. Through storytelling copy, beautiful imagery, and strategic design - we'll take visitors on a journey across your website pages to learn how awesome you are, with the visual and written proof to back it up. 

Make it easy to do business: I don't know about you - but I hate clunky websites. Let's make it easy for your people to find you and connect. From contact forms and booking systems, to e-commerce solutions – I'll make it seamless for website visitors to convert into customers.

Enough about my story. Let's talk about what's next in yours.

Thinkin' we just might make a dream team?

Eek! Me too! I can't wait to hear from you.
Answer a few questions or drop me a line, and I'll get back to you soon! We'll hammer out all the details and make sure we're a match made in web design heaven.


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