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When it comes to both SEO and attracting your ideal client (two key goals in web design and copywriting), having the right copy is CRUCIAL. Dive into these three copywriting prompts (with specific examples) that will help you nail your copy from your homepage, and leave website visitors wanting to explore more and become your client.

1.) What is your dream client’s biggest problem? (What is the KEY thing they really want?) BE SPECIFIC.

For example, if you’re a florist and you want to attract clients to book you for full service wedding floral design…their problem isn’t that they need a florist. The problem is that they need a florist who knows how to take care of EVERY LITTLE THING so they don’t have to. A florist that knows how to ask the right questions to learn what they truly want out of the design, who knows where to put things and when they should be set up, who knows when the bouquets should be delivered, the boutonni√©res photographed, and when all is said and done – they know how to clean up and whisk the flowers away without anyone even thinking about it.

2.) How can you prove that you can solve their problem?

Here’s where you need to provide some “social proof” in your website copy. Whether it’s a client testimonial or statistic, prove that you have the experience and skillset to back up your claim that you understand their problem – and you’ve fixed it before for others.

Back to our florist example. You could provide statistics here: Number of weddings done, number of positive google reviews and happy wedding parties, etc. OR you could pull one of those excellent reviews and showcase it on your website.

3. Why are YOU the right person for the job?

Now is when you need to have an introduction to your “about” page. And while yes – this section of your website copy is about you – it is also still about them. What in your personal story can you connect to your ideal client’s problem?

So, as the florist, perhaps when I got married I decided to “DIY my own wedding” (before I was a florist, let’s say), and while it “saved money” I found it to be overwhelming, exhausting, and hated that when I wanted to be relaxing and getting ready for my big day I was running around putting out bud vases for the reception. Paint the picture of what you have experienced in your life that has prepared you for excelling at your business and knowing how to solve all of your dream client’s problems.

These three copywriting prompts provide a great foundation for a solid start to your homepage website copy. Need more help? Browse my other blog posts for more tips and tricks on SEO and copywriting.

Want some more hands-on support? Bloem Creations offers copywriting services. Get in touch today!

Written by Carrie Bondioli, CEO of Bloem Creations, Web Designer & CopyWriter

Bloem Creations is a web design studio and copywriting service based in Eugene, OR and specializes in serving creative small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

March 13, 2024

Three Copywriting Prompts to Attract Your Dream Clients

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